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Mourning dove

Zenaida macroura

© Gennadiy Dyakin | 2017-12-26 | Havana

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2020-10-09. Gennadiy Dyakin: Common gallinule, Purple gallinule, Yellow-throated warbler, Cuban emerald, Gray catbird, Black-throated blue warbler, Northern parula, Cuban trogon, Cuban vireo, Cuban pewee, Cuban green woodpecker, Yellow-faced grassquit, Yellow-rumped warbler, La Sagra's flycatcher, Ovenbird, Common yellowthroat, Black-and-white warbler, American redstart, Blue-gray gnatcatcher, Red-legged thrush, Prairie warbler, West Indian woodpecker, Loggerhead kingbird, Western spindalis, Cuban pygmy-owl, American kestrel, House sparrow, Cuban blackbird, Killdeer, Greater Antillean grackle, Northern mockingbird, Eastern meadowlark, Cattle egret, Osprey, Black-crowned night-heron, Glossy ibis, Little blue heron, Crested caracara, Red-breasted merganser, Tricolored heron, Snowy egret, Spotted sandpiper, Great blue heron, Common ground dove, Palm warbler, Tawny-shouldered blackbird, Mourning dove, Zenaida dove, Smooth-billed ani, Fulvous whistling-duck.

2020-10-08. Gennadiy Dyakin: Cuban black hawk, American flamingo, Green heron, Lesser black-backed gull, Caspian tern, Reddish egret, Neotropic cormorant, Red-breasted merganser, Roseate spoonbill, Common gallinule, Cuban black hawk.

2020-10-07. Gennadiy Dyakin: Eurasian collared-dove, Cape May warbler, Red-legged thrush, Cuban tody, La Sagra's flycatcher, Cuban bullfinch, Oriente warbler, Great lizard-cuckoo, American redstart, Crested caracara, Palm warbler, Northern mockingbird, Snowy egret, Ring-necked duck, Turkey vulture, Cuban pewee, Zapata sparrow, Osprey, Loggerhead kingbird, Smooth-billed ani, Neotropic cormorant, Royal tern, Roseate spoonbill, Tricolored heron, Greater Antillean grackle, Red-breasted merganser, Willet, Black-necked stilt, Cattle egret, Black-necked stilt, Little blue heron, Lesser yellowlegs, Solitary sandpiper, Limpkin, West Indian whistling-duck, White ibis, Killdeer, Yellow-throated warbler, Reddish egret.

2020-10-06. Gennadiy Dyakin: Laughing gull, Laughing gull, Royal tern, Royal tern, Palm warbler, Palm warbler, Palm warbler, Red-legged thrush, Greater Antillean grackle, Northern flicker, Magnificent frigatebird, American redstart, Zenaida dove, Eurasian collared-dove, Eurasian collared-dove, Common ground dove, Common ground dove, Turkey vulture, Turkey vulture, Cuban oriole, Cuban oriole, Cuban oriole, Ruddy turnstone, Smooth-billed ani, Smooth-billed ani, Smooth-billed ani, Green heron, American coot, American coot, Brown pelican, Northern mockingbird, Northern mockingbird, Northern mockingbird, Sanderling, Prairie warbler, Cape May warbler, Yellow-throated warbler, American kestrel, American kestrel, Oriente warbler, Cuban bullfinch, Loggerhead kingbird, Baltimore oriole, Snowy egret, Great egret, Great blue heron, Little blue heron, Little blue heron, Tricolored heron, Belted kingfisher, Killdeer, Killdeer.

2020-10-05. Gennadiy Dyakin: Great blue heron, Great egret, Common gallinule, American redstart, Cuban pewee, Yellow-bellied sapsucker, Red-legged thrush, Northern mockingbird, Great lizard-cuckoo, Cuban tody, Blue-gray gnatcatcher, Palm warbler, Bare-legged owl, Cuban trogon, Cuban green woodpecker, Yellow-faced grassquit, Loggerhead kingbird, Bee hummingbird, Cuban emerald, Red-shouldered blackbird, Ovenbird, Belted kingfisher.

2020-10-04. Gennadiy Dyakin: Cuban blackbird, Mourning dove, Eurasian collared-dove, American redstart, Black-throated blue warbler, Palm warbler, Northern mockingbird, Red-legged thrush, Turkey vulture, Mourning dove, Palm warbler, Northern parula, Red-legged thrush, Greater Antillean grackle, Yellow-bellied sapsucker, Cuban green woodpecker, White-crowned pigeon, American redstart, Mourning dove, Turkey vulture, Cuban emerald, Smooth-billed ani, Great lizard-cuckoo, Green heron, La Sagra's flycatcher, West Indian woodpecker, Northern mockingbird, Louisiana waterthrush, Black-throated blue warbler, Cuban pewee, American kestrel, Western spindalis, Giant kingbird, Loggerhead kingbird, Cuban tody, Cuban trogon, Red-legged honeycreeper, House sparrow, Yellow-faced grassquit, Western spindalis.

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2020-10-23. to photo # 00010007101 (Red-legged thrush)

Геннадий Дякин: Common bird for Cuba.

2020-10-22. to photo # 00010007101 (Red-legged thrush)

Аскар Исабеков: Superb!

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